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    EDP works in gravity based foundation

    DEMOGRAVI3 is a project that aims to develop an innovative gravity based foundation for offshore wind turbines. EDP has just been granted European funding for the project. read more
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    LiDAR technology meets met masts

    A wind LiDAR installed at Dogger Bank for the Forewind consortium has provided data which shows the technology has advanced to the stage where it could be used in future as an alternative to... read more
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    Simple but clever

    The principle of gravity foundations may be simple but the ­concept is ­having a hard time gaining a ­foothold in the market. The Texbase aims to change this. Its big advantage is that the sand silos... read more

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    Thinking big

    The offshore market is ­currently a heady mix of top marks for ­performance and rotor diameters on the one hand and mergers on the other. The purpose of large rotor blades, more generator output and... read more
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    Vibratory piling may be an alternative

    On a test site the vibratory pile installation method has shown significantly reduced peak noise emissions as well as installation time compared to a hammered installation and can be controlled to... read more
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    Conducting flapwise and edgewise fatigue in parallel

    Blade manufacturer LM Wind Power and the ORE Catapult announced a strategic collaboration to develop an innovative blade test method that could help to reduce overall blade test times by up to 25 %... read more
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    Statoil to build floating wind farm

    Statoil has made the final investment decision to build the world’s first floating wind farm. The Hywind pilot wind farm will see five 6-MW turbines to be erected off the coast of Peterhead in... read more
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    Leaner offshore transformer platforms

    Siemens is working on making high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission from offshore wind farms more efficient. Starting in 2016, 200-MW modules will become available to make HVDC... read more
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    Cooperative design yields new Damen vessel

    The close working relationship between Delta Marine and the Damen Shipyards Group has produced a new vessel design – called a Damen Renewables Service Vessel 3315. The Scotland-based offshore wind... read more
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    ZephIR launches new offshore wind lidar

    Wind lidar technology innovation company ZephIR Lidar announced the release of a fully-marinised wind lidar – the ZephIR 300M. The new device is based on the company's established remote wind... read more