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    Simple but clever

    The principle of gravity foundations may be simple but the ­concept is ­having a hard time gaining a ­foothold in the market. The Texbase aims to change this. Its big advantage is that the sand silos... read more
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    Thinking big

    The offshore market is ­currently a heady mix of top marks for ­performance and rotor diameters on the one hand and mergers on the other. The purpose of large rotor blades, more generator output and... read more
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    Vibratory piling may be an alternative

    On a test site the vibratory pile installation method has shown significantly reduced peak noise emissions as well as installation time compared to a hammered installation and can be controlled to... read more

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    Conducting flapwise and edgewise fatigue in parallel

    Blade manufacturer LM Wind Power and the ORE Catapult announced a strategic collaboration to develop an innovative blade test method that could help to reduce overall blade test times by up to 25 %... read more
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    Statoil to build floating wind farm

    Statoil has made the final investment decision to build the world’s first floating wind farm. The Hywind pilot wind farm will see five 6-MW turbines to be erected off the coast of Peterhead in... read more
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    Leaner offshore transformer platforms

    Siemens is working on making high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission from offshore wind farms more efficient. Starting in 2016, 200-MW modules will become available to make HVDC... read more
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    Cooperative design yields new Damen vessel

    The close working relationship between Delta Marine and the Damen Shipyards Group has produced a new vessel design – called a Damen Renewables Service Vessel 3315. The Scotland-based offshore wind... read more
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    ZephIR launches new offshore wind lidar

    Wind lidar technology innovation company ZephIR Lidar announced the release of a fully-marinised wind lidar – the ZephIR 300M. The new device is based on the company's established remote wind... read more
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    Jettisoning ballast

    There is still plenty of potential for cost reduction in the offshore wind industry, and this is a good thing. But where exactly does that potential lie, and how much is there? OWI set out to find the... read more
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    IWES tests Adwen’s 8 MW drive train

    Adwen and Fraunhofer IWES have signed an agreement to test the drive train for Adwen’s 8 MW turbine at IWES´s DyNaLab test stand in Bremerhaven. read more