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    Jettisoning ballast

    There is still plenty of potential for cost reduction in the offshore wind industry, and this is a good thing. But where exactly does that potential lie, and how much is there? OWI set out to find the... read more
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    IWES tests Adwen’s 8 MW drive train

    Adwen and Fraunhofer IWES have signed an agreement to test the drive train for Adwen’s 8 MW turbine at IWES´s DyNaLab test stand in Bremerhaven. read more
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    ABB orders new cable-laying vessel

    ABB has ordered a new cable-laying vessel to boost the capacity of its submarine cable operations. The new ship will be custom-built to ABB specifications and measure approximately 140 by 30 m and it... read more

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    SgurrEnergy carries out offshore wind study for Chinese energy supplier

    The Scottish consultancy company SgurrEnergy will be carrying out a technical offshore wind energy study for the Chinese energy supplier Huang Renewables to investigate the basic conditions for... read more
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    Largest ever testing of wind turbine piles completed

    To find new design methods for offshore wind farms, Dong Energy and ESG have tested 28 wind turbine piles at two different offshore locations with typical North Sea conditions. First results indicate... read more
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    Doubling down

    Lower costs and less impact on the environment is the reputation that precedes the 66 kV cable. Technical problems remain to be solved, and some scepticism persists in the industry. Still, the trend... read more
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    CAPE Holland successfully deploys Vibro Lifting Tool

    During its first commercial application, the newly developed Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT) of CAPE Holland has successfully installed four piles in up to 90 m water depth. This installation is part of the... read more
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    ORE Catapult launches blade erosion project

    The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult is asking offshore wind industry leaders to join a £ 1 million project aimed at tackling turbine blade leading edge erosion, one of the key operations and... read more
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    Ready for universal use

    Measuring wind speeds with the help of laser beams has made great strides over the last few years and now meets most needs. Because it does not require a met mast, LiDAR is ideal for measurements out... read more
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    Grouting operations at Amrumbank finished

    ITW has finished grouting work at Amrumbank offshore wind farm. The connections between transition piece and monopile have been grouted with the cementitious material Ducorit and the installation was... read more