Cable laying works started at Nordsee One

Friday, 10 June, 2016 - 10:15
Special purpose vessels in operation for the laying of 70 kilometers of inter-array cables at Nordsee One. (Photo: RWE International SE)
Special purpose vessels in operation for the laying of 70 kilometers of inter-array cables at Nordsee One. (Photo: RWE International SE)

The installation team has started laying the first inter-array cable in the construction area of the Nordsee One offshore wind farm.

The 54 turbines of Nordsee One will be connected to the offshore substation by ten strings of cables with an overall length of approximately 70 kilometres.

SIEM Offshore Contractors will supply and install the inter-array cables for Nordsee One. The submarine cables have a diameter of up to 160 mm. A layer of steel armour wire protects the high-performance electricity connectors from extreme conditions, which, in particular, may occur during installation. At the same time, they guarantee maximum energy transmission over large distances.

Commissioning of the 332 MW wind farm situated approximately 40 km north of the German island of Juist is anticipated in 2017. Nordsee One is owned by Northland Power Inc. (85%) and RWE International SE (15%).

Tim Kittelhake, Managing Director of Nordsee One GmbH, explained: “In the last month we have successfully installed all 54 foundations for the wind turbines, as well as the foundation for the offshore substation. We plan to install the substation this summer. Currently, we are beginning the cable laying process. First, the cables are laid, and then they are buried into the sea bed by a specialized cable laying vessel. We expect to finish the complete inter-array cable laying works this fall.”

Pierre Lestienne, Managing Director of Nordsee One GmbH, added: “All 54 wind turbines will be connected via the inter-array cables to this offshore transformer substation. This is where the 33 kV power generated by the wind turbines will be converted into a transmission voltage of 155 kV.”

Silke Funke / RWE International SE /
Nordsee One GmbH / Northland Power Inc.

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